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The Israel Institute of New Zealand

Posted by admin on August 11, 2017


An Invitation to make our friends aware of the following

 IINZ-logo-3a-1The Israel Institute of New Zealand has been formed as a consequence of New Zealand co-sponsoring UN Security Council Resolution 2334. Many New Zealanders protested in letters to politicians and editors, articles, and through a rally at Parliament. 

The Israel Institute of New Zealand believes there is a need to galvanise support for Israel such that our government, the media and the general community will know that a great number of New Zealanders care about Israel.

The Israel Institute of New Zealand has commissioned a survey of New Zealanders’ attitudes towards Israel, results of which are scheduled to be published tomorrow via press release, on our website and via social media.

The Israel Institute of New Zealand will be contacting electoral candidates to canvass their views on Israel and will later this month publish a NZ Voters’ Guide.

Please consider making your friends and networks aware of this initiative.

The Israel Institute of New Zealand is an independent think tank dedicated to fostering understanding and cooperation between New Zealand and Israel through accurate analysis, insightful commentary, and effective advocacy.


Dr David Cumin

David is an Auckland-based academic and a member of the NZ Jewish Community.

Prof Paul Moon

A New Zealand historian and professor at the Auckland University of Technology. Paul is a prolific writer of New Zealand history and biography and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, University College, London.

Ashley Church

Ashley is CEO of Property Institute of NZ and is a social commentator.

Perry Trotter

Perry is an Auckland based photographer and commentator. He is creator of Shadows of Shoah, a multidisciplinary Holocaust exhibition.


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