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Combatting Hate Speech in NZ

Posted by admin on November 2, 2017

Greetings to all our Israel Focus Group Friends,

The below has been sent to us by Perry Trotter, Co-director of  the Israel Institute of NZ.

Very disturbing Hate Speech here in New Zealand!!

Please share & action.

Shalom & Many Blessings




Dear Friends

This week, a disturbing hate-speech-laden video came to light which recorded the messages of leaders at an Islamic Ahlulbayt Foundation of New Zealand event, held in a mosque in Pakuranga, in commemoration of Al-Quds day, June 2017. The speakers promoted Holocaust denial and called for the destruction of Israel.

A number of objectionable statements were made at the conference, including:

– “if Muslims get together and each one pour a glass of water over Israel, the flood will wash it away”

– Israel is a “cancerous tumour” that had to be “surgically removed”

– the “sinister phenomena of terrorism and extremism in the [Arab] region” are “fuelled and fanned by the enemies of Islam and the Zionist circles.”

– “We all know that the whole existence of Israel is fabricated around the question of Holocaust. And the Holocaust is that phenomenon that in itself is not allowed to be investigated and found out what it is. I have quite a few questions in this regard. First, if this Holocaust took place in the second world war in Europe then why not distribute the documents concerning this and let people see for themselves…. It all shows that there is a big scheme and conspiracy to establish the bigger scheme of occupying from the Nile to the Euphrates, which is their final objective.”

Further, it is clear that these statements were made in the presence of young people, children and babies, whose voices can be heard distinctly in the background throughout the half hour recording. A young man, possibly a teenager acted as MC and the young people in the audience were specifically targetted and exhorted to study this ‘history’ closely.

This suggests that we have a generation of young people growing up under the influence of a warped and hateful ideology that denies the Holocaust, while calling for the destruction of the Jewish state.

This is the kind of inflammatory rhetoric and demonisation that forms a pathway to radicalisation, which as we have seen elsewhere in the world, ultimately manifests in violence. New Zealanders do not want to see this culture of violence established in our society.

Thus far there has been a minimal amount of media coverage of this issue. The Race Relations Commissioner has spoken out against the Holocaust Denial but the Government is yet to make a statement.

Countering the spread of this dangerous ideology will require substantive action on the part of our government.

Our experience with UNSC Resolution 2334 has shown that in order for an issue to be taken seriously there needs to be a strong reaction from the wider community.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, please consider writing to the following:

Local MPs, Minister of Foreign Affairs (DP), Minister for Children (PM), Minister of Ethnic Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of SIS.

This link may be helpful:

You might also consider contacting the Police, the Human Rights Commission and Netsafe. There is more likely to be action if there are multiple complaints.


Perry Trotter


Israel Institute of New Zealand


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