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Matan Ohana – GCF meeting 25 Sept 2015

Posted by admin on September 28, 2015

The meeting in the main Greenlane Christian Fellowship auditorium was well attended, with between 70 and 100 people present. Matan and his wife Keren were introduced by Jeff Cook and Terry Calkin, both with a long connection to GCF as founding members and Pastor.

Matan spoke well and not only took us on a journey through his experiences with the IDF, but also the nature of Jewish society in the present day and the work Netivah is doing in Israel. The extent of the challenges facing Israel is almost overwhelming, from Isis to Hesbollah, but Matan epitomised the strong minded sabra attitude, and his hope for the future is deeply rooted in Jesus the Messiah. He also took us through some of the work in New Zealand to support visiting Israelis. Matan used a beautifully prepared slide show to illustrate his discussion and some of these give a good overview of the points he made.

We all came away well educated and feeling up to date with what is happening in Israel and beyond, and encouraged to go deeper in our service.


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