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IFG Monthly Meeting Report 18 09 2016

Posted by admin on September 18, 2016

ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0081 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0080 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0079 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0078 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0077 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0076 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0075 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0074 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0068 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0067 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0066 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0061 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0058 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0057 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0051 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0048 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0046 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0043 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0040 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0029 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0027 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0023 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0019 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0013 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0007 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0003 ifg-18-09-16-rob-berg_0002Rob Berg gave a most informative talk, well illustrated on a powerpoint (see some key slides attached), about the need to claim back ground lost to misunderstandings and outright falsehoods about Zionism and Israel in general. Unfortunately Idit Forrester was unable to attend, but Barry Pepperel gave a very interesting short talk and demonstration about the shofar and its use. Barry also supplied a very useful booklet called ‘Listen to the Sound of the Shofar’. As usual the lending library was operating and a fruitful time of networking and fellowship followed the main part of the meeting.


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