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IFG Monthly Meeting Report 20 11 16

Posted by admin on November 20, 2016

Trish introduced proceedings and Yosi and Shulamit led us in several Hebrew worship songs to begin proceedings. Liz Moffit then spoke stirringly about the need to get young people involved in the work both here and using opportunities in Israel. Rosemary and Esther spoke about their involvement in a work scheme grape picking with Ha Yovel in Israel. The talk was most interesting and inspiring but unfortunately the computer crashed ( 🙂 for the many who were there) and we did not see the slide show that went with the talk, but perhaps we can post that here if it becomes available. Paul and Shulamit set out a beautiful array of Israeli and Lebanese dishes – no one would have needed much dinner. People stayed for a long time of fellowship but unfortunately Jordan Silver was unable to come. We look forward to meeting him some time in the future.
ifg-meeting-speakers-20-11-16_0019 ifg-meeting-speakers-20-11-16_0017 ifg-meeting-speakers-20-11-16_0016 ifg-meeting-speakers-20-11-16_0015 ifg-meeting-speakers-20-11-16_0012 ifg-meeting-speakers-20-11-16_0008 ifg-meeting-speakers-20-11-16_0005 ifg-meeting-speakers-20-11-16_0003 ifg-20-11-16-ha-yovel_0002 ifg-meeting-speakers-20-11-16_0022-edit nz-hayovel-participants


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